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Parents of woman killed in small plane crash in West Kelowna petition for safety changes

Tue, Aug 11: It’s been three years since a small plane crash in West Kelowna killed a Lower Mainland woman and her boyfriend. Her parents are asking for help to push the government to act on recommendations made by the Transportation Safety Board. Julia Foy reports.

Kelowna plane crash: ‘You learn to live with the pain.’

CBC News Posted: Nov 28, 2013 5:47 PM PT Last Updated: Nov 29, 2013 6:25 AM PT

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The parents of two people killed in a light plane crash in B.C. are calling for shoulder harnesses to be required in all private aircraft, after Transportation Safety Board of Canada said they could have saved lives.

Jayson Dallas Wesley Smith, 30, of Vancouver, was killed when the plane they were travelling in veered off course and crashed 30 kilometres west of Kelowna, near Brenda Mines, in August 2012.

His girlfriend, Lauren Patricia Sewell, 24, of Surrey, who had been travelling with him, died of her injuries two days later. The pilot and another passenger also suffered serious injuries in the crash.


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WATCH: TSB report come out on tragic plane crash near Kelowna

It is a simple and available fix but a small plane that crashed near Kelowna last August was not equipped with shoulder harnesses.

A new report issued by the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) indicates that fix might have saved the lives of a Lower Mainland couple killed in the crash.

The TSB report says the plane had trouble climbing and soon crashed near Brenda mines with four people onboard. No one in the plane was wearing a shoulder restraint harness because aircraft built before 1986 are not required to have them.

Lauren Sewell, 24, was sitting behind the pilot and sustained fatal brain injuries; while her boyfriend 30-year-old Dallas Smith, who was sitting in the co-pilot’s seat died on impact.

As Ted Chernecki reports pilot inexperience was also a concern.

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August 15 2013 2:21am

Transplant thank you

Wed, Aug 14: A young Lower Mainland couple was killed when their small plane went down near Peachland in 2012. One year later, a woman who received lungs from one of the victims wants to show her thanks. Julia Foy has the story.
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August 13 2013 10:06pm

Plane crash memorial

Tue, Aug 13 – Today is the one-year anniversary of a tragic plane crash near Kelowna that claimed the lives of a young couple from Metro Vancouver. As Julia Foy reports, the families of the victims are planning a special fundraiser in their memory.


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